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Did you know?
The official recruiting schedule in Japan starts in the Spring. Japanese students begin their job search activities more than a year before their expected graduation date and it takes about 4 to 8 months on average to get job offers. Approximately 90% of students have an offer by the time they graduate.

If your student is thinking of working in Japan after graduation, the biggest issue they will face is that they miss the company recruiting season because they are not physically in Japan to meet and interview. If they start looking after they graduate, many of the positions will have been filled.

Career Forum for Students
Our Career Forums provide opportunities for students with Japanese-English bilingual skills and or study abroad experience to meet with employers who are specifically looking for candidates with these skills and experiences , while they are in school. We have been connecting Japanese English bilingual students in the U.S., Canada, Europe and beyond with countless international companies since 1989.

Why is our career fairs different from others?
Participating companies conduct on-site interviews and some even offer jobs on the spot!

Our Career Forum is held in many cities, including Boston, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Osaka. Click here for more details.