“Producing the Crossroads of Life” – How Would You Like to Embark on the Journey?
At Career-Tasu USA, Inc., our mission is to provide assistance and services for the selection processes relevant to life’s major turning points, such as “Employment,” “Change of Occupation,” and “Study Abroad.” The options available and pertinent to these steps in life are varied these days. As information is overflowing, and technology has rapidly advanced, the ways and means in which these options are brought to fruition have also become more diverse. For these reasons, finding the most suitable companies and schools for oneself – and the assistance necessary when undertaking these endeavors – is no simple task. It is imperative, then, to remember that the solution can only be found from within oneself, and not simply from technology. We are presently a company of 15 employees. Thus far, we have produced opportunities for more than 400,000 individuals. We continue in our efforts to provide the best solutions for those who strive to maximize opportunities in their careers. We welcome those with an interest in such professional ventures and, more importantly, a fervent desire to achieve their goals.